Name : Lyptus Token
Ticker : LYPTUS
Chain : BSC - Binance smart chain
Format : BEP20
Hard Capped deflationary Supply :4,143,760 (on 9/30/’21)
LYPTUS token stopped being minted on the 8th of July and is actively getting burned.
Unlimited (burn mechanism in place and maximum mint per block fixed by the Masterchef)

LYPTUS history

Update June 2021: $LYPTUS circulating supply will be capped to maximum 4,3M, emission rate will be progressively reduced to 0 after the launch of V2. $LYPTUS can be used in our V2 ecosystem to enter into non native farms and pools with a discount. The $LYPTUS pool will earn you $NALIS. The LYPTUS LPs already created will not change and you will be able to stack them into new farms to earn NALIS.

Emission rate

Before 6th of July: 1 LYPTUS per block --> 3 sec per block on BSC --> 28800 LYTPUS per day
After 8th of July ~8AM UTC (3 days after V2 Launch): 0 LYPTUS
9% of the emission rate was send to the dev's address to fund the team, fund the Koala's marketing, fund airdrop contests and further partnership
Initial minted token : 30200 LYTPUS :
  • 23000 LYPTUS to dev's address : All these token will be burnt within the days following the launch : read Fair Launch for more information
  • 7200 LYTPUS to 7 contributors who help us to build the project and will provide first liquidity

Deflationary mechanism

We created a strong burning mechanism that increases the token price constantly :
  • 3% burn fee will be charged at each deposit on farms and 4% burn fee on pools (current rate that could evolve in the future)
  • The burning transaction fee (3% on farms and 4% on pools) will be used to :
    • purchase LYPTUS and burn them : 30% of the total transaction fee.
    • farming : The Koala's team will farm these burning transaction fee to create more value and to distribute it to the community (more details soon about the mechanism) : 50% of the total transaction fee.
    • airdrop and marketing : Koala DeFi will make frequent cool airdrops and use a part of the transaction fee into marketing costs : 20% of the total transaction fee.


Before 6th of July
After 8th of July (3 days after V2 Launch)

Burn & buyback history

You can check all burn transactions here :
Lyptus Token (LYPTUS)
Binance (BNB) Blockchain Explorer
You can check all buyback transaction here :
Lyptus Token (LYPTUS)
Binance (BNB) Blockchain Explorer

Transfer Tax

There is no transfer tax on LYPTUS token.