The Launchzone will be the place to look for new investment opportunities. A collection of past and current projects launches will be available in the launchzone.
In Q4 the launchpad will get updated to version 2.0. Bringing more benefits to LYPTUS / NALIS holders and improving on the current launchpad.
The KMO (Koala Mint Offering) launchpad will open, a launchpad for artists and projects to launch their NFTs.
The KGO (Koala Game Offering) launchpad will open to make it possible for game projects to launch their games, projects and ingame NFT content on the KGO launchpad.
In Q4 Koala Defi will start to launch ApeSwap fasttrack projects on the IKO launchpad. The projects launched with the ApeSwap fasttrack will receive a farm / pool on ApeSwap, collaborative marketing from Koala Defi and ApeSwap and will get listed direct after launch.
Last modified 8mo ago
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