Done - Previous achievements
  • Adding farms & pools : We will add progressively the farms & pools. Order and priority will be voted by the community on twitter
  • Timelock contract : As soon as the launch is complete with first farms and pools set up. (Within 2-3 weeks after the 1st March)
  • Fees farming and automated distribution to LYPTUS token holder : The Bushes
  • Frequent giveaway to the Koala's community
  • Integrated AMM within KoalaDeFi : Routed to ApeSwap DEX
  • Security audits : Successfully passed with Certik and Techrate : Read audits
  • 4 adopted Koalas
  • Partnership with ApeSwap
  • Partnership with Astronaut
  • Partnership with JDIYield
  • Partnership with Treedefi
  • Partnership with Blink
  • Partnership with BitFresh
  • KoalaDeFi V2 released
  • Polygon chain integration
  • NFT Collection
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