Done - Previous achievements

    Adding farms & pools : We will add progressively the farms & pools. Order and priority will be voted by the community on twitter
    Timelock contract : As soon as the launch is complete with first farms and pools set up. (Within 2-3 weeks after the 1st March)
    Fees farming and automated distribution to LYPTUS token holder : The Bushes
    Frequent giveaway to the Koala's community
    Integrated AMM within KoalaDeFi : Routed to ApeSwap DEX
    Security audits : Successfully passed with Certik and Techrate : Read audits
    4 adopted Koalas
    Partnership with ApeSwap
    Partnership with Astronaut
    Partnership with JDIYield
    Partnership with Treedefi
    Partnership with Blink
    Partnership with BitFresh


2021 Q2 - April to June

    Automated Buy & Burn mechanism : Partially done with the bush and will be improved with KoalaDeFi V2 released
    More partnerships
    The $LYPTUS burning lottery. More $LYPTUS to be eaten by the Koalas! : We still want to release this in April 2021
    KoalaDeFi V2 released : This huge released will introduce great new things : A new UI, more utility to $LYPTUS token, scarcity on $LYPTUS token, the introduction of your new tokens with high level and new automated burn mechanisms. More details in this blog post
    CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listing : We fight hard since the first days to get listed there and we hope to be listed soon
    Adopting more true Koalas to help real world Koalas to have a better life!

2021 Q3 - July to September

    Polygon chain integration
    NFT Collection : We will introduce the cryptopunk NFK (non fungible Koalas) collection
    Introducing KoalaDeFi Vault feature : We will add automated vault strategy to farm our tokens and build vaults strategies boosted with our tokens to automatically farm tokens from other good DeFi projects
    HECO chain integration
    xDAI chain integration
    First CEX listing
    More partnerships
    Adopting more true Koalas to help real world Koalas to have a better life!

2021 Q4 - October to December

    Games and NFT integration around our tokens


    ETH2.0 integration when available and only if gaz fees are acceptables
    Upgrading our products with more new features
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