The Koala Defi yield farms allow users to earn NALIS while supporting Koala Defi by staking LP tokens. APR is the annual percentage rate and refers to the yearly interest generated. The daily percentage shows the daily interest. Deposit fee. Some farms have a deposit fee to deposit tokens in the farm. This fee is used for rewards in the bushes and platform development. Harvest Lockup. The harvest lockup is an antibot mechanism that forces an 8 hour lockup after harvesting. Dynamic deposit fee. The dynamic deposit fee offers a discount when the deposit fee is paid in LYPTUS token. Use the swap to buy NALIS or LYPTUS token and to form LP pairs.

Can't find the pool you staked in?

Some farms become inactive after a certain amount of time, the inactive farms are moved to the inactive tab.
You can always unstake your tokens, if you have tokens staked in an inactive farm, click the inactive tab and unstake your tokens.

Risks of yield farming

When staking liquidity with LP tokens it’s important to understand the effects of impermanent loss. Binance wrote a great guide on impermanent loss, check out this binance academy article