Non Fungible Koalas (NFK)
The Non Fungible Koalas (NFK) are a collection of 1000 uniquely cryptographic generated digital koala NFTs on the blockchain. Every NFK will be 100% unique and will be generated out of 10 characteristics: Background, Base, body, arms, ears, eyes, legs, mouth, nose and accessories. The NFKs have a unique system of feeding stats to level up your NFKs play 2 earn statistics. These unique NFKs will have stake 2 earn and play 2 earn functionality after the first 100 NFKs have been sold Tier 1: 500 NFKs Tier 2: 250 NFKs Tier 3: 150 NFKs Tier 4: 70 NFKs Tier 5: 30 NFKs 50% of the funds raised in the sales of the NFK in NALIS and LYPTUS tokens will get burned. The remaining funds and BNB sales will be used for player rewards in the play 2 earn games, staking rewards in the NFK stake 2 earn pools, marketing and development of future games and NFK partnerships.
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