IKO launchpad on BSC and POLYGON chain
How to participate in an IKO
Visit https://app.koaladefi.finance/launchpad to find out more about current and past projects.
Before Sale: Swap BUSD (BSC) or USDC (POLYGON) tokens
During the Sale: When the sale is live, commit your BUSD or USDC tokens to buy the IKO tokens at https://app.koaladefi.finance/launchpad
After the Sale: When the sale is complete you can claim the tokens you’ve bought at https://app.koaladefi.finance/launchpad.
What happens if the IKO doesn’t raise the IKO hardcap (full fund raise)?
The sale will proceed as normal and the bought tokens can be claimed after the sale has ended. Want to launch your project with Koala Defi on our IKO crosschain launchpad? If you are looking for a fair, safe and secure launchpad for your project with the support of an experienced team in marketing, community building and project launches? Contact us
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