The Koala Defi Bushes offer high APR pools to stake Nalis tokens and earn other tokens from our current partners. Stake Nalis, earn free tokens, the koala’s way!
APR is the annual percentage rate and refers to the yearly interest generated. Dividing the APR by 365 will give you the daily interest. Some bushes have a burn fee, this fee will automatically get sent to the burn address. Beware: Nalis has a 2% transaction fee, this is different from the burn fee shown.
The Koala lounge bar bushes will get manually renewed monthly The community bushes are active for 20 or 40 days on average. The End status bar shows the remaining number of days left for the bush.

Can't find the bush you staked in?

Because the partner bushes last for 20 to 40 days the inactive bushes are moved to the inactive tab
You can always unstake your tokens, if you have tokens staked in an inactive bush, click the inactive tab and unstake your tokens.
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