What are NALIS and LYPTUS?
LYPTUS and NALIS are the native currencies to Koala Defi. LYPTUS is the deflationary governance token with special perks.
NALIS is the cross chain yieldfarming token required in most of our farms and bushes available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the POLYGON chain.
How can I stake or farm NALIS and LYPTUS?
To stake LYPTUS or NALIS token you can go to the pools or bushes page and click the deposit button to contribute to the pool/bush and start earning APR (annual interest).
To farm with LYPTUS or NALIS token you need to create a liquidity pair, read our How to create LP guide to learn how to create a Liquidity Pair (LP).
What wallet should I use with the Koala Defi dapp?
Koala Defi is compatible with all big wallets. We recommend using Metamask wallet for a good user experience and easy switching between smart chains.
How can I connect my wallet to the website?
To connect your wallet to the Koala Defi website click the unlock button and connect your wallet. Your BSC or POLYGON balances will now be available in the Koala Defi dapp.
Why isn’t my transaction working?
When your transaction fails, check your TX on:
Make sure you have enough BNB (BSC) or Matic (POLYGON) in your wallet for the transaction and make sure to use enough slippage. For NALIS token transactions make sure use at least 2.1% slippage.
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