Fair Launch
Koala DeFi wants to start the project with a fair launch,
What does mean a fair launch for us ? It means that we want that everybody profit from the very high APYs you can get when you jump into a very fresh project. And we don't want our farmers to be exposed to a high risk of price dump.
What's usually happens when a new yield farming project starts ? Whales (or larges accounts) enter with big numbers into the farms & pools and get a lot of token in a very short time before APY goes down (as numbers of token to be share per block don't change, when TVL increase, APY decrease and this is normal mechanism). The problem with that is after few hours/days, some people could hold a very large amount of token and can dump the price when selling hard. This is bad for small farmers and for those entering when the price goes up before the dump.
What we want to experiment with the fair launch of Koala is a progressive increasing of token distribution and placing a large amount of pre-minted tokens into the farms and pools to regulate the APYs in the beginning of the project.

Here are the ways we will act to regulate APYs

A) Loading the farms and the LYPTUS pool before the launch

  • 23000 LYPTUS have been pre-minted and send to the dev address
  • 7200 LYPTUS have been pre-minted and send to the 7 contributors of the project
These tokens will be load into the farms and LYPTUS pool few hours before the launch.
The LYPTUS tokens holded by the 7 contributors of the project will be add into pairs LYPTUS/BUSD and LYPTUS/BNB and load into the farms before the launch. No rewards will be distribute until the official launch on 1st March 10am UTC. This will help to provide more liquidity to the LYPTUS token and stabilize the farms APY's
The LYPTUS tokens holded by the dev address will be add into the LYPTUS pool. This will help to stabilize the pool APY and by locking a large amount of LYTPUS token, it should also help the price to increase. The LYPTUS token added by the dev address will be then slowly removed from the pool to maintain a high APY for the farmers during the next hours/days of the launch. All of these pre-minted tokens from the dev address will be burnt when removed from the LYPTUS pool. The total 23000 pre-minted LYPTUS will be totally burnt within the few hours/days following the launch.

B) Regulating the token allocation on each farm & pool

Here are the farms and pools we will start with at launch :
Pools :
  • LYPTUS : Final allocation : 10X / Launch allocation : 1X
  • BTC : Final allocation : 2X / Launch allocation : 0.2X
  • ETH : Final allocation : 2X / Launch allocation : 0.2X
Farms :
  • LYPTUS/BUSD LP : Final allocation : 40X / Launch allocation : 4X
  • LYPTUS/BNB LP : Final allocation : 20X / Launch allocation : 2X
  • USDT-BUSD LP : Final allocation : 4X / Launch allocation : 0.4X
As you can see, the launch allocation are 10 times lower than the final allocation. The idea is to monitor the APYs during the launch and progressively increasing these allocation to the final allocation.
This will help to maintain high APYs to first farmers and avoid super big account to hold large amount of tokens with a high risk of dumping the LYPTUS token price.
Note : This type of launch is experimental but we are confident that this will be a good think for the project and the community.