Koala Defi Finance


Koala DeFi Finance is a high security crosschain Yieldfarming DAPP and crypto platform running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon chain using the ApeSwap Exchange. Offering a safe and secure platform with great APRs and functionalities is Koala Defi's highest priority.
The idea behind this project is to create a safe and secure place for farmers. The koala is a quiet animal that loves to eat eucaLYPTUS vimiNALIS and loves to sleep without having to worry about it’s investments that are growing during its sleep.
Besides the regular high APR farms/pools and bushes, Koala Defi offers fun games, a project launchpad and the NFK (functional gamified Koala NFTs) to play and earn!
Koala Defi is a community driven project with its own special perks governance token LYPTUS and high interest yield farming token NALIS.
All of our contracts are audited by Certik and Techrate:
Earn Earn NALIS token in our farms and pools, or earn other tokens with LYPTUS and NALIS in our bushes. Invest Participate in Koala Defi IKO (Initial Koala Offerings) to find new hot projects early! Collect Become a real part of the Koala Defi family by acquiring your own unique Non Fungible Koala! This NFT will allow you to play games and earn tokens, or stake your NFK and earn tokens. Play Play casino games in our Koasino, participate in our weekly live KoalaBingo or play arcade games in our Koala Arcade (coming soon). Charity A percentage of the deposit fees is automatically sent to a charity wallet that is used to donate to organisations that take care of koalas and their natural habitat.

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